BRAVO KARATE was established in 2017, based in Portsmouth and has quickly developed into a dynamic club, with a range of training, competition and other events. However, the club still has an inclusive and welcoming environment and is very much a part of the local community. Students of all ages feel a sense of belonging and strong bonds of friendship are formed between club members.

  We teach Shotokan Karate to all ages, abilities and fitness levels, a safe and healthy opportunity of physical exercise, mental training and relaxation, the club founders Anna Carvalho and Roger Emerick want to encourage students to challenge themselves to achieve new levels of success.

Karate classes in an inclusive and welcoming enviroment to all.



Aged     4 until     7 years old

  One of the main goals at this age it introduces the Karate fundamentals and values whilst developing psychomotor and cognitive skills.

  Creative, fun and motivating lessons are extremely important to engage kids, makes learning Karate easier and enjoyable, building the foundation to long-terms objectives.


Aged     8  until     12  years old

  Class designed to promote drills with complex movements that require explosive energy, precision, technique, memory, focus, concentration and self-discipline, a range of helpful benefits for children's daily routine and surely essential to achieve success in many aspects of life. 

  Teach self-defence requires responsibility and prudence, throughout the sessions, students learn not only to protect themselves but also develop an attitude of respect and self-confidence, a very effective tool to overcome bullying and solve conflicts.


  Karate as a sport is also initiated at this phase, ensuring talented young people are allowed to turn their talent into success, these lessons could be the start of a journey that can culminate in global and Olympic sporting achievements.  


Aged  13 years old & above

   Is never too late for Karate lessons and it's regardless of physical abilities.


  Some of the benefits Karate offers kids are the same for teens and adults in additional of a friendly group and great atmosphere of training what assist to lower levels of anxiety, depression and stress, improving your mood and ability to sleep.


  It's a fantastic challenge and an intense activity, the techniques are broken down into simple moves, thereby students can learn and train the Karate moves in a dynamic session, a workout that encompassing every muscle group in the body, it's an excellent weight-loss method and improves cardiovascular health.


  Certainly, it will promote better overall body condition while teaching you important self-defence, street awareness and safety abilities. 


in official competitions

Come to make part of our team


TRAINING CAMPS - Throughout the HALF TERM Holidays.

GRADING EXAMS - Achieve personal goals at the Karate Belt System

ANNUAL KARATE FESTIVAL -  Internal Championship



Classes will resume next week, we're very happy to go back in action and looking forward to welcoming all of you once again.


Please check out our September schedule.

What you need to know:


All governments safety measures in place;

Please note you will need to PRE-BOOK your place in all classes due to social distancing;

New students are welcome and encouraged to join in, first class is FREE;

Lessons still Pay as you go or Pack of 5 sessions, payment can be made also by bank transfer - just request our bank details;

Contact us on social media for more information or to book your place,

email: or Whatsapp: 07594926994

BRAVO KARATE is also partner with the UK’s Leading Martial Arts Equipment Supplier

Karate Suits, Gloves, Shin Pad's.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to empower your journey!

Contact one of our instructors for further information's





    Anna is Karate Instructor and co-owner of Bravo Karate. She has been training since the age of twelve, currently holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate.


    Competing at numerous national and international Championships in the discipline of Shiai Kumite (Competition Sparring), was a member of the Brazilian National Team, 2x Brazilian National Champion, Pan American Bronze medallist U21, 2x Brazilian University Champion, British International Open Silver medallist, English National Championship 2018 Gold and Silver medallist.


    Anna has also a Physical Education Degree and a Postgraduate Degree in Strength Conditioning. Based on all those years of training and teaching, she believes that Karate as a way of life brings a positive impact on practitioners and their families.


   Training at a good club you will always be surrounded by people who will encourage you to accomplish your goals and a high level of personal satisfaction no matter your age, background or abilities.



   Rogerio is black belt Karate Shotokan and has been training and competing since 2004. He is proudly instructor, co-owner of Bravo Karate and has also a Physical Education Degree and a Postgraduate Degree in Strength Conditioning. 


  He considers teach and share what he knows truly rewarding and that Karate training could be a life-changing experience to any dedicated student, as it gives you a whole new perspective, confidence and tools that you need to face life adversities.


  For over seven years Rogerio integrated the Brazilian National Team starting in the cadet division, progressing to U21, University and Senior division. Fighting at all levels of competitions, including medalling at Continentals and World events.


  Some of his best results were 4 gold medals at Sul American Senior Championships, World University Championship Bronze medallist - Shiai Kumite Team, and English National Championship 2017 Silver medallist.

Committed to the high quality of attendance, our instructors also have:

Enhanced DBS check UK

Safeguarding and Child protection Course

First AID Qualified

Accredited Coaches by English Karate Federation




5pm to 5:50pm

Kids and Junior - 4 yo and above


                           HAVELOCK COMMUNITY CENTRE

324 Fawcet Rd, Southsea, PO4 0LQ

5pm to 5:50pm

Kids and Junior - 4 yo and above


                           BUCKLAND COMMUNITY CENTRE

5pm to 5:50pm

6pm to 6:50pm

JUNIOR and ADULTS (8 yo and above)

Malins Rd, PO2 7BT

KIDS ( 4 to 7 yo)


                           STAMSHAW & TIPNER COMMUNITY CENTRE

5:30pm to 6:45pm

SQUAD TRAINING ( Red belt and above )

69 Wilson Rd, PO2 8LE



Hawthorn Crescent, PO6 2TL

5pm to 5:50pm

KIDS ( 4 to 7 yo)

6pm to 6:50pm

JUNIOR and ADULTS (8 yo and above)




  If you’re ready to come along and join the BRAVO KARATE classes for a FREE trial session or need more information, simply get in touch using the form below, also by email, text, call or message us through ours social media. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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